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Dear Geeksphone user:

In our last communication we announced, to our regret, a delay in the delivery of the first batch ofPeak+, that you’ve already pre-booked by paying a preferential price.

At that time we mentioned the complicated situation concerning the supply chain in the industry. This plight, despite all measures taken to minimize its effect, has been more harmful than expected.

The current situation in addition to the quality controls we impose to all our products, makes that the estimation forPeak+availability is at the end of November

This announcement gives us great concern ahead of the responsibility we have to all those who have trusted Geeksphone, not only in terms of acquiring a terminal, but also for supporting our young brand. This forces us to adopt a commitment to complete transparency with you all.

Therefore, with the intention of giving an early solution, we have decided to output a new batch of thePeakmodel as we think it is very important that all the energy which is being born around Firefox OS, an operating system based on the Open Web, continues to develop.

As a matter of fact, all users who pre-booked thePeak+and would like aPeakinstead, may contact us In that case we will ship it immediately, through priority courrier. In addition you will get a refund of 20 U$ (15€) at your credit card account. (*)

(*) This offer will remain open until end of stock.

We hope that this initiative can satisfy those of you who want to have a unique device which represents the beginning of a revolution in the world of mobility.

The whole Geeksphone team is grateful for your support

Best, Geeksphone’s Board












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Google Help Heroes by Jetstream

Google 公式の一般ユーザー向けヘルプ動画制作プロダクト「Google Help Heroes」用に提供している動画をテキスト化したサイト『Google Help Heroes by Jetstream』も作成しています。こちらも是非よろしくお願いいたします。




沖縄のユタの血を引き生まれながらに霊感を持つ現役ナース Ray が、生まれ持つ霊感と趣味のタロットとを織り交ぜてお送りする個人ブログ「Light Mind | ナースとタロット」。Ray の世界に引き込まれてしまうこと間違いなし!タロット占いの依頼も受付中。