Salfish OS”update 9″の内容が公開

Sailfish OS”update 9″の内容が公開されました。




      • クロスプラットフォームUIプログラミング5.2(Qt5.2)への対応
      • Media Player内の検索をサポート
      • カザフ語キーボードの追加
      • メール作成中バックボタンによるページ切り替え時の自動下書き保存
      • ブラウザエンジンの向上

* We have made changes to the forward and backward indicator glow on the
PageStack silica component, primarily to communicate to the user when
there is more content to the left/right of the screen.
* Accounts framework has undergone a fair amount of unification, making
the account setup process more user friendly.

* App dialogs have been redesigned for easier access of cancel and
accept actions and to clearly separate dialogs visually from normal app
pages. The old design was seen confusing by the new users. This moves
the accept and cancel buttons from the page area to a persistent header
above the page, which may cause some visual regression in 3rd party
applications that assume the dialog page fills the whole display. No
changes are needed for most of the dialogs as we have tried to be
backwards compatible as much as it was possible with the new design.
But, some breakages are to be expected.
In addition, we hope to release the following features

* Search support in media player

* Copy unsaved numbers from call log

* Kazakh keyboard layout

* Finer control to enable/disable AGPS assistance for obtaining
location fix

* Automatically save draft emails on page exit

* Fix to a bug which caused camera to overwrite captured media

* Simplified startup wizard flow

* Improved Homescreen performance and Sailfish application memory use
(thanks to the new Qt 5.2 rendering pipeline, and background apps not
keeping buffers and opengl context in memory).
To recap the implications for app developers, please refer to

* Browser engine update to Gecko 31 to improve compatibility with
various web sites and improving scrolling performance

* Fix to WLAN disconnect issue while roaming due to RSN IE mismatch

* Internet interface MTU resized to 1280 bytes for mobile data to
overcome issues with some operator infrastructure

As usual, this comes with a friendly disclaimer that it is an intent of
the release content and not a promise.

We also noticed that signing up for a new Facebook account from a Jolla
device is no longer possible. The drop-down selection for birthday does
not work, hence making it impossible to complete the signing up process.
We suspect that it is most likely due to changes from Facebook,
nevertheless we’ll continue to keep an eye on this issue.









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